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9 March
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two-headed boy; there's no reason to breathe

'Ello lambchops. I'm Alice. I'll be seventeen on March ninth. I like girls. Really a lot. Hmm. I live in the space between dreams and reality, where my characters and I can be friends, where I can be happy. I have a kitten named Sid Vicious whom I love very much. I like Dr. Pepper. I practically live off of Starbucks coffee despite being a hippie. I'm a Buddhist; I used to want to be a Wiccan. My hips were made for dancing, baby. I have amazing rhythm and can move to pretty much anything. :] .. I'm pudgy. :[ I love my aviator jacket which I spent far too much money on, but it's authentic military gear, so I don't care. I also have an authentic German army jacket, which I bought at a flea market in the city for 25$. I like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and spelling things the "British" way. I'm French-Canadian, or so I say, eh? I'm asexual. I'm in love with a girl but I don't think she's taking it as seriously as I am, and that depresses me. I want to go to college in Ohio. I'm vocals and bass in a band called Strawberry Jam. Really, all I want to do is write. I like sleeping. I like stripes and stars and plaid and rainbows, and clashing colour combinations such as pink and green. I kind of like baking. Kind of a lot. I say "like", like, a lot. It's spelled a-p-p-a-r-e-n-t-l-y. People who refuse to take help when it comes to spelling or grammar kind of really piss me off. I hold grudges. I have dependent personality disorder. I'm usually anxious about abso-fucking-lutely nothing. I'm paranoid and I get angry very easily. I'm also very shy and nervous. I don't like people on a whole. My mother hit me. A lot. I didn't turn out alright. I also play violin, but I'm not that good, and I'm probably getting a cello within the next few months. I'm a Junior in highschool and I hate it more than anything. I love collarbones and hipbones, and I have a hand fetish. I usually smell like patchouli, clove cigarettes, and Axe deodorant. I like trying to find deeper meanings in things. Have I mentioned I'm in love? 'Cos I am. Deeply so. She makes the world such a better place. I don't know what I'd do without her. I'll be your doormat if you'd like. I cry easily. I can barely hold a conversation for more than a few minutes, though I'm a lot smarter than most of the people I know. I'm really, really awkward in person. I was born in New York, and Manhattan is the only place I've ever felt at home. I'm pretty much completely blind without my glasses; I had a lazy eye when I was born, and had it operated on when I was a tiny, tiny baby. My prescription has gone downhill from there. I'm most definitely not straightXedge. I also hate labels like the aforementioned. I try very hard not to associate with hypocrites. I hate people who play mind games. I'm selectively mute in public and I can't eat around people. I have obscene amounts of love for giraffes and peaches. I fucking love kitties. And I really hate talking about myself like this.

the world that you need is wrapped in gold-silver sleeves

I don't know what to write in this box. Maybe later.

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